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Q: After upgrading to emOS 3.x I get Korean fonts when viewing eBooks in medium or large size font. How can a fix this?
Please visit the following page for complete instructions. 

Q: I Know I Can Send My Contacts But Can I Send My Schedule (Calendar) From Microsoft Outlook To hiebook?
Yes, the schedule syncing features were added in hiSync version 2.5.0. Please visit our downloads area to get the latest version. 

Q: I Am Having A Problem While Trying To Sync My hiebook With My PC. It Says, "Incorrect Serial Number" or "Invalid Schedule DB Version". How Do I Fix This?
We have posted detailed instructions (with pictures) on how to fix this problem here

Q: I Just Received My hiebook And The Power Will Not Come On. What Should I Do?
hiebook requires that you charge the device with the A/C adapter before use. Please plug the device into the A/C adapter and allow the device to fully charge. When you plug the device into the adapter, you should get a solid red light on the charging indicator. When the device is fully charged, the red light will go out.

Q: When I Plug The A/C Adapter In To hiebook, I Get No Red Light. Now what?
Please make sure that you have properly plugged the adapter in to hiebook. The A/C plug should go in to the bottom of the device, next to the USB connection and not in to the top of the device beside the power button, which is the headphone plug. The red light will also not come on if hiebook is fully charged.

Q: When I Plug The A/C Adapter In To hiebook, I Get A Flashing Red Light. What does this mean?
The battery connection is loose! Please turn the hiebook over and carefully remove the battery cover. You will need to remove the wire that connects the battery to the main board of hiebook and then plug the battery back in. Finally, put the battery cover back on. You should now get a solid red light. Please take special care not to force the wire out of hiebook as you may damage the connection.

Q: I Am Having Difficulty Calibrating hiebook. What Am I Doing Wrong?
If you find that the stylus is inaccurate, try the following. While hiebook is powered on, use a pin to depress the reset button on the back of hiebook. You should then see a small calibration mark in the bottom left corner of hiebook. Use the stylus to press the very center of this mark. Here's the tip: Instead of just tapping the very center, press the stylus against the screen at the very center of the calibration mark and hold it there until the calibration mark moves to the next location. The calibration mark will move to each corner and finally the very center of hiebook. Make sure you take your time and hold the stylus at the exact center of the calibration mark.

Q: How Do I Upgrade To The New USB 2.0.1 Driver?
Please download the latest USB Drivers here, installation instructions are located here.

Q: How Do I Add Special Characters To My hiebook Formatted Titles?
Please refer to the following chart for a list of some of the supported entities.

Q: How Do I Install And Format My SMC Card?
Instructions are posted here.

Q: How Do I Turn On (Or Off) The Backlight?
To turn on the backlight, hold the power button down for approximately 2 seconds. The same procedure can be used to turn the backlight off.

Q: Where can I buy a hiebook?
hiebook is currently available directly through www.ebookad.com as well as eBookHome.com.

Q: Can I use hiebook with my Mac?
hiebook is not Mac compatible at this time. Future versions of hiebook may be Mac compatible.

Q: I live outside the U.S. and Canada. Can I still order hiebook?
hiebook is currently available through eBookAd and its retail partners for the U.S. and Canadian markets only. To purchase the device in Korea, please visit http://www.hiebook.com.

Q: Which eBook formats are supported by hiebook?
hiebook will read files in hiebook reader format (.hi and .kml files). Free software is available for the PC to create .kml and .hi files from html, text, MS Word and OEB sources. If you would like to copy an HTML or Text file to hiebook, you just right-click on the file and select "Send To hiebook". It will be automatically converted on the fly as it is transferred to the device. There is also a version of the hiebook Reader for the PC so you can read / manage titles on your PC. The hiebook Reader for the PC includes a librarian feature to easily organize your titles and transfer them to your hiebook device.

Q: Will hiebook read Microsoft Reader (.lit), Rocket eBook / Gemstar or eBookMan eBooks?
There are currently no plans to support either of these proprietary formats.

Q: Can I adjust the backlight level on hiebook?
The hiebook uses an inverted EL backlight which lets the text and graphics glow bright green while leaving the background dark. You can adjust the contrast settings to optimize how the backlight appears in a variety of lighting conditions. Under most lighting conditions the backlight is not needed.

Q: Can I load true type fonts onto hiebook?
hiebook uses bitmapped fonts which are pre-installed by the manufacturer. At this time you cannot load your own fonts, however, addition fonts may become available in the future.

Q: What languages does hiebook support?
Currently, you can read eBooks in English, French, Spanish, German, Korean and a few other Latin-character based languages. More languages will be available soon.

Q: Can I store eBooks and Music on both the internal and external (SMC) memory?
Yes, you can store anything, including audio recordings and graphics on either memory. hiebook comes with 16MB internal flash memory. If you bought an extra 32MB SMC card for example, you could store a total of 48MB of data.

Q: How much does hiebook cost?
The MSRP of hiebook is $249 US Dollars.

Q: What operating system does hiebook support?
runs its own operating system (EMOS). It requires a PC with a USB port running Windows XP, 98, 2000, or ME to transfer ebooks, and files to the device. You cannot use hiebook with a serial connection.

Q: When will the SDK be available?
The SDK will be available to the public
during 2002.

Q: Is hiebook's display black and white?
No. hiebook is capable of displaying 16 shades of gray. This dramatically increases the quality of text and images.

Q: Can I load my personal documents onto hiebook?
Of Course! What value would a reading device have if it didn't display the most important documents of all ... your own!

Q: Can I use hiebook to read PDF files?
While we have not yet announced support for reading PDF files on hiebook, we are seriously considering this issue. When we release our programming SDK later this year, it is very likely that a third party will develop a PDF viewer for hiebook. The hardware is certainly capable of rendering PDF files.

Q: Can I enlarge the font size on hiebook?
Absolutely! Combined with the backlight, hiebook provides for superior ease of reading, especially for those with visual impairments.

Q: What other features does the hiebook Reader software support?
hiebook Reader supports bookmarks, notes, underlining, drawing, search, hyperlinks, page navigation and footnotes.

Q: Can I rotate the screen and read hiebook sideways?
Yes. You can rotate the screen 90, 180 or 270 degrees.

Q: Can I adjust the contrast on hiebook?
Yes. hiebook has a contrast control in the setup program.

Q: What kind of batteries does hiebook use. How long do they last?
hiebook uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Battery life will depend on how you are using hiebook. Even with MP3 music playing, the batteries will last for more than 10 hours.

Q: Can I charge hiebook while I'm traveling overseas?
Yes. hiebook accepts voltages from 110 ~ 240 V. However, you may require a country specific outlet adapter. (Not included). 

This section will be updated regularly. Please check back for the latest answers. Haven't found the answer to YOUR question? Send your questions to info@www.ebookad.com.

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